Journey to Handstand  
4 Week Program 
Yogis: Are you tired of kicking the shit out of the wall when you’re doing handstands?  Is your approach getting you nowhere?
Do you start at the end of the pose without fully understanding how you got there? 
If so, let’s journey back to the beginning.

This four-week program deconstructs the infamous handstand, breaking down the job of each body part and educating you on the importance of each part before you throw yourself upside down. 

Level: Intermediate  
Duration: 4 weeks  
Time: 15-30 minutes per day
Are You Experiencing The Following Challenges In Your Handstand? 
  • Not being able to balance in the middle of the room?
  • Uncertain of where to look?
  • Dealing with tight and weak hip flexors?
3 Great Reasons To Try Journey To Handstand...
Reason #1
Learn From an Olympic Trained Gymnast
Reason #2
Build a Stronger Foundation 
Reason #3
 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Study With One Of LA’s Top Yoga Teachers!
5 Benefits You Can Gain By Getting Started With Journey To Handstand Today.
We Will Explore...
 The mechanics of the upper half of the body.
 The mechanics of the lower half of the body.
 The job of the center of the body.
 The importance of a hollow body.
 Where your gaze should be. 
4 Amazing Weeks Of Yoga
Week 1

Strengthen/Stretch Wrists & Shoulders

Active Hip Work  

Front Body Bliss
Week 2

Strengthen/Stretch Upper Body  

​Outer Hip Strength  

​Hanging with the Hammies 
Week 3

Connect to Your Core 

​Insufficient Glutes
​Spine Release
Week 4
Wrist Strength

Role of the Knees  

Release Your Fears
Learn More About Us By Checking Out The Videos Below:
Founder of Ellavate Yoga
Jr. Olympic Gymnast

International Yoga Teacher

25+ Years Experience 
See what Others are Saying About Working With Ella:
“Ella is an incredibly detailed and knowledgeable teacher of her craft but what I enjoyed most about her guidance is her perfect balance between a world-class athlete type strictness that pushes you safely to your limit, complimented by the most compassionate, sensitive, funny beings I’ve come across. She is all sorts of wonderful!" @cuchira
Taylor Swift Dancer 
"I’m glad I stepped into Ella’s class!I’m a professional dancer and yoga teacher. Because of Ella’s gymnastics background she understand how our body works with an extra layer than other yoga teachers I have encountered! My alignment got much better since I started taking her classes due to the  precise correction she gives her students! As a dancer, I love to be challenged physically and with her teaching you won’t be disappointed! Not only does she challenge you, she teaches the importance of the Yin side of the practice.  I feel like I fully understand the importance of it. She is the whole package!"  @MariaWada
"As a former collegiate athlete I have high expectations of my workouts, so I love Ella's flow and strength classes.  Her explanations help me to continually improve my technique in ways I haven't experienced in other online (or even in person) classes. She gives just the right amount of explanation so I know how to do things correctly, but she's not talking the whole time.  Through her teaching, I've also learned the value of incorporating Yin into my practice.  While I don't do it as often as I'd like, I've loved every one of Ella's yins that I tried, and wish I had these available to me when I was still a track athlete.  Now that I'm a mom of two active little boys I don't have a lot of time to get out of the house for workouts, but the quick flows allow me to still reach my goal of doing at least one yoga session per week, even if it's just a 15 minute core strengthening class!  And on the rare opportunities that I have more than 40 minutes to practice I appreciate that I have many options to choose from for all different types of classes and lengths of time."
"Ella's classes have transformed literally my life and my body. Her dedication to the progress of her students is unrivaled. Practicing under Ella's guidance has been absolute joy and privilege, she is madly passionate about her students' progress. At the same time, she is relentless in getting the foundation and alignment right, her understanding of human physique through her own gymnastics and yoga experience gives her teaching an edge that others simply cannot match." @Kaur.kallas
"Ella has been a part of my yoga journey for many years, fundamentally changing my practice infusing strength and grace. Her dedication to yoga and the community she created is magic. I’m grateful to have Ella with me virtually to maintain a daily practice when getting to the studio isn’t possible. I love being able to practice based on my energy level and time available. Thank you Ella for sharing your passion with us!" @brodet8
"I have been using Ella's online classes for over a year now.  The quality of instruction is extraordinary.  The range is very wide - from full size classes for advanced Asana practitioners to short Yin sequences to increase any student's flexibility.  While Ella's Asana practice is extremely advanced, you can find classes for all levels.  Her attention to alignment is  borderline  obsessive which is, in my mind, of ultimate importance.  Her attitude is gentle and nurturing. I highly recommend her classes, my practice improved greatly since I started using her website." @AlexanderKsendzov
Frequently Asked Questions:
 How much does this program usually cost?
$16 a month or $150 a year. 
What yoga levels is this program designed for?
 Can I cancel at anytime?
Of course!
 How do I favorite or like videos?
Scroll down to the bottom of the page. The heart is feature is above the program "about" text. 
 How do I get access to the other videos?
Purchase the monthly or yearly membership!
 How long do I get access to the program?
The rental period is for 1 month! Enjoy!
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